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Customer Centricity

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In a world where everyone is constantly bombarded with commercial solicitations, consumers increasingly put a premium on the notion of experience, and they are now looking for brands that propose products in line with their values, conscience, and principles. For many years now, advertisers have seen the ecosystem of customer experience being turned upside down with new players, platforms, and touchpoints.

Key Features

Using data as a powerful enabler, we help organizations place customer experience at the heart of their strategy and develop a customer-centric approach to serve their relationship promise. Why is data science the engine of a customer-centric strategy? While technologies are continually evolving, both in terms of analyzing data and offering new customer touchpoints, it is quite difficult to keep abreast of all the advances and develop a strategy that meets customer needs. What we increasingly see is that technological promises tend to take precedence over relationship promises. What we increasingly see is that technological promises, such as fully-automated intelligence tools, 360° vision of the customer journey, and ultra-personalization, tend to take precedence over relationship promises. At Ekimetrics, we are convinced that a customer-centric approach is part and parcel of your company’s global strategy, and that your data are a real strategic asset, one that creates value. At a time when the amount of information available is experiencing exponential growth, it is crucial for businesses to utilize it in an efficient and ethical manner in order to reformulate and enhance the customer experience. Implementing data science-based solutions is key to transforming the way our relationship promise is built and engaging our customers throughout their journey. Now that data and the digital world have changed the relationship between brands and consumers, a customer-centric approach enables you to identify and understand needs by analyzing the relevant data and creating a unique experience throughout the journey of each and every customer. How to turn data science into the lifeblood of a “customer-centric” strategy? Our holistic approach allows us to exploit your data to help define, pilot, and implement your strategy. Our contribution involves improving your customer knowledge by developing profile segments and setting up action plans and adapted contents. It also covers activation issues with scoring solutions and product recommendations in order to optimize the customer journey. Our specificity lies first in our capacity to understand and work with the different business lines of our clients, to build a comprehensive view of available data and tools (even if they are siloed), and to deliver consolidated strategic takeaways. We also leverage our knowledge of the data science ecosystem to ease implementation of our tailored solutions into your existing systems (GCP, Azure, etc.), and make them effortless to use within your organization. At Ekimetrics, we have structured our offering around two pillars: a first pillar focused on designing a relational strategy, centered around the customer, and a second one around activation solutions based on artificial intelligence and data science, aimed at improving the customer journey. What are our solutions? Our Customer Centricity platform is a set of modular solutions, leveraging your data in order to build, pilot, and enable your strategy. 1) We help you anticipate markets and their trends with our Trends Setters solutions designed to identify new interests and behaviors among consumers thanks to social media and CRM: - Social data scraping to define your “consumer community” - Analysis of your communities’ emerging trends and interests and corresponding recommendations 2) We help you build a relational strategy grounded in your customer data with our Customer Journey Strategy solutions which rely on the definition of customer segments to secure customer conversion through: - Exploration and investigation of your data to improve your customer knowledge - Strategic segmentation to better steer your objectives - Analysis of Customer Journeys clustering - Development of dedicated communication plans for each type of customer - Construction of personalized customer acquisition/retention programs 3) We can deploy several tools to improve your customer activation strategy through artificial intelligence: - Scoring for clients and leads in order to model their behaviors and better comprehend their discriminating characteristics - Product recommendation tools based on algorithms to predict the future preferences of your consumers

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These tailored tools may be either integrated within your IT ecosystem or come in the form of a proprietary data platform that we set up for you.