Amsterdam 2020 - The Digital Benchmark




Pitchy is the first B2B solution that puts video creation within the reach of everyone. How does it work ? Thanks to a fully automated creation tool andd a technology based on video templates. Users create and edit their videos in a completly autonomous way. They can adapt the scenario add all sorts of contents (photos, videos, icons, texts, graphs...) and customise their videos (branding, voice over, subtitles...)

Key Features

The main features of our platform : -> Animation templates : Pitchy gives you access to a library of regularly enriched graphic styles. -> Online Video Editing Tool : Cut sections, edit and create incredible videos from your files, filmed on a smartphone or using a camera -> Video Annotation Tool : Enrich and beautify your video footage with the styling features! -> Graphic design and tailor-made : For your brand's visual identity, it is essential to comply with your graphic designs. -> Add Subtitles to Video: Add your subtitles independently or use our voice recognition feature that does it for you. -> Media Library : Access a wide selection of visuals, videos, pictograms and illustrations to boost your video projects. -> Royalty free music -> Unlimited changes -> Voice-overs -> Make Interactive Video : Add a call-to-action at the end of your videos -> On-the-fly production : Do you want to customize a large number of videos? -> Collaborative Video Editing Software : Having total freedom to create your video is a luxury, as providing advice to your colleagues or a manager's approval can be essential -> Security : Regardless of the content of your videos, you would like them to be protected and confidential before they are published

Differences with competitors