Amsterdam 2020 - The Digital Benchmark

AB Tasty


AB Tasty is the fastest-growing provider of AI-powered experimentation & personalization, helping businesses drive more conversions and revenue on all their digital assets. We provide marketing and product teams with an easy-to-use optimization platform.
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L'oréal, Agnès b, Allizan, Bic, Cardif BNP Paribas Group, Heineken, Groupon, Disneyland Paris, Hyundai, Panasonic, Lush, Kiehl's, Kenzo, Jaguar, Suez, Monoprix, Malakoff médéric humanis, Maisons du monde, Maif, E.Leclerc, Peugeot, leboncoin, Havas voyages, Cdiscount.
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