Amsterdam 2020 - The Digital Benchmark


In recent years, the data marketing market has shifted dramatically from traditional CRM systems, which managed sales and customer support, to marketing automation, then to DMP for digital profile management... and now to the CDP (Customer Data Platform), which was the new 2019 addition to the MarTech and AdTech landscape. Since our last Benchmark, new players have emerged, others have opted for a different strategy ... How to read this rapid market evolution? We will answer this question, detailing market trends and explaining how to build an ecosystem around "data and activation platforms", such as CRM, marketing automation, DMP, CDP, customer repository, personalization, DSP...).

Solutions to consider: 1000mercis, Oracle, Tealium, Advalo, Mapp Cloud, Mediarithmics, NP6 Conversational Marketing, Imagino, ARM Treasure Data, Scal-e, Commanders Act, Ysance.

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