Amsterdam 2020 - The Digital Benchmark


If customer review is an increasingly integrated KPI at the heart of companies' strategic decisions, it is because it is an engaging, constructive, and data-rich tool. Although its role in the reputation and visibility of a brand is no longer in doubt, today it is the wealth of information related to the collection of reviews that is of prime importance: brands want to refine their customer knowledge as much as possible, understand consumer expectations, satisfy them and build their loyalty. Once analyzed, the reviews help sharpen business decisions. In addition to their benefits in terms of referencing, conversion, and web traffic, an entire quality management strategy can be put in place. During this workshop, we will discuss the customer case of Animalis, which uses the customer review as a real quality management tool.

How is Animalis adapting to new consumer needs by collecting omnichannel reviews?

Sep 29th, 12:35 pm - 01:05 pm

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