Amsterdam 2020 - The Digital Benchmark


There is no denying that data is transforming the way most marketing activities and jobs are carried out across all sectors. However, while a good management of data is a strength, a bad one creates the opposite effect. As soon as companies try to put data at the heart of their operations, creating the conditions for its optimal availability and processing by those who need it has become key: this is data governance. We will detail this subject by listing the failures of data governance initiatives and the lessons to be learned from them, highlighting the reasons for relying on such a strategy, and proposing a list of essential steps

Solutions to consider: Collibra, Informatica, Zeenea, DataGalaxy, Alation, Ataccama, Talend & Stibo Systems.

For a marketing data governance driven by business services

Sep 29th, 09:20 am - 10:00 am

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